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SDSC Connects the Dots for Professionals with Graphing Analytics

The recent explosion of interest in analyzing and mining “Big Data” across almost all sectors of science and industry has data scientists looking for new ways to model data so as to accurately represent it and facilitate the gleaning of insights and knowledge from the data. Graph representations, while certainly not a new concept, are noteworthy because of the timely and relevant situations and phenomena that can be modeled using graph-like data structures.  What is new and innovative is the development of tools and techniques to operate on graphs at the Big Data scale.  “...

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HPC Research and Education News for the Week of April 27, 2015 Sponsored by XSEDE

HPC in the News


XSEDE15 Registration OPEN!
Late Registration Begins – June 26, 2015

XSEDE15 takes place July 26-30 at the Marriott Renaissance St. Louis Grand Hotel in the heart of downtown St. Louis, home of the Gateway Arch, the Mississippi River, many nationally recognized Universities and more. XSEDE15, the 4th annual conference, will showcase the discoveries, innovations, challenges and achievements of those who utilize and support XSEDE resources and services, as well as other digital resources and services throughou...

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Your challenge is to parallelize part of an existing serial/OpenMP code simulating a forest fire to make use of the CUDA platform for running in parallel on a GPGPU.


You are given as starter code the "CUDA Fire starter zip file" below. This code is for the simulation of a forest fire - the trees are arranged in a 2D grid; one random tree is initially lit on fire.

The code already makes use of OpenMP, but this is a red herring. Your challenge is to utilize CUDA to parallelize the advanceBurningTrees function so it can be run on a...

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Deadline Tomorrow:: High School Summer Institute 2015 Offered by Ohio Supercomputer Center

Application Deadline- April 28, 2015

SI is a two-week residential program that gives gifted Ohio high school students entering their sophomore, junior or senior year project-based, hands-on learning.  Working in small peer teams, the students use supercomputers for practical applications such as solving complex science and engineering problems, conducting network forensics to catch hackers, studying the spread of the bird flu and designing computer games.  Why students might want to attend: exposure to world of supercomputers and their real-world appli...

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San Diego, Home of SDSC, Featured in National Geographic Documentary "World's Smart Cities: San Diego"

Saturday, April 25, 2015 – Check your local listing on the National Geographic Channel

San Diegans who tout their city as "America's Finest" have been known to get called out on that claim. But when National Geographic ranks the region among the world's “smart cities," it's hard to argue the point. If a book really can be judged by its cover, San Diego's scenic beauty is a great start to the story. All well and good. Truth be told, however, it’s what’s springing from the minds of geniuses -- and the power of business an industry – that’s now putting this city on...

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HPC Research and Education News for the Week of April 20, 2015 Sponsored by XSEDE

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SC15 Seeks Student Volunteers

November15-20, 2015 – Austin, Texas

Student Volunteers play a key role in supporting the overall conference and conference attendees. Undergraduate and graduate student volunteers help with the administration of the conference and have the opportunity to participate in student-oriented activities, including professional development workshops, technical talks by famous researchers and industry leaders, exploring the exhibits and developing lasting peer connections. This year the Student Volunteers program will accept an increased number of students, both local ...

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CASC Announces New Director


The Coalition for Academic Scientific Computation (CASC) is pleased to announce that Ms. Lisa Arafune will be joining the organization as Director. Ms. Arafune comes to the position with a wealth of experience in government relations, including more than a decade representing higher education and university-based research interests on Capitol Hill. She has advocated for the research community and major federal science agencies, including NSF, DOD, USDA, NIH, DOE, and NASA. Ms. Arafune holds a Master’s of Science in Management from Purdue University and an MBA f...

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Solution for the week of April 13, 2015:

The "OpenCL Pi solution zip file" at the bottom of the challenge contains a solution.


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Graduate and Post Doc Oppotunity this June: International HPC Summer School 2015

June 21-26, 2015 – Toronto, Canada

Graduate students and postdoctoral scholars from institutions in Canada, Europe, Japan and the United States are invited to apply for the sixth International Summer School on HPC Challenges in Computational Sciences, to be held June 21-26, 2015, in Toronto, Canada. Applications are due March 11, 2015. The summer school is sponsored by Compute/Calcul Canada, the Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment (XSEDE) with funds from the U.S. National Science Foundation, the Partnership for Advanced Computin...

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