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DescriptionThis video demonstrates the new "Sky" feature of Google Earth 4.2 just released on August 22, 2007 . It lets you look up at the night sky and zoom in on photographs taken by powerful telescopes like the Hubble Space Telescope. It also provides placemarks to cool things you can see in the universe.
SubjectSpace, Astronomy
Keywordstars, visualization, galaxy, universe, google, night sky
AudienceResearcher, Educator, Learner/Student
Education LevelMiddle School, Grade 9, Grade 8, Grade 7, High School, Grade 12, Grade 11, Grade 10, Grade 6, Grade 5, Grade 4, Upper Elementary, Elementary School, Grade 3
HPCU SubjectVisualization
HPCU Subject 2Space, Astronomy, General Concepts, Methodologies, Simulation and Modeling, Visualization and Scientific Visualization, Subject Areas, Physical Science and Engineering
TypeModel, Instructional Material, Simulation, Movie/Animation, Lecture/Presentation
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5.0 / 5 (1 Review)
Comment by Jeff Sale
Modified October 28th, 2009 / Added from HPCU
User Rating: 5 / 5
Very nice short introduction to Google Sky which is a new astronomical feature of the Google Earth application. The same application also includes satellite imagery of the Moon and Mars.
Usability of the resource:  Very usable
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