CreatorElspeth Minty, Peter Maccallum, John Fisher, Anna Hondroudakis
ContributorNone listed
PublisherEdinburgh Parallel Computing Centre
DescriptionThis course provides a practical introduction to scientific visualisation. The list of topics discussed include the Application Visualisation Systems (AVS), representation of graphical data, visualisation of volume data, and visualisation of vector data.
SubjectComputational Science, Computer Science, Visualization
KeywordVisualization, Graphs, AVS, Volume rendering
AudienceResearcher, Educator, Learner/Student, Professional/Practitioner
Education LevelHigher Education, Graduate/Professional, Undergraduate (Upper Division)
HPCU SubjectVisualization
HPCU Subject 2Scientific Visualization, General Concepts, Methodologies, Visualization and Scientific Visualization, Graphic Concepts, Visualization Techniques, Volume-data
TypeInstructional Material, Article, Lecture/Presentation, Reference Material
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User Rating: 4.0 / 5
4.0 / 5 (1 Review)
Comment by Jeff Sale
Modified May 6th, 2011 / Added from HPCU
User Rating: 4 / 5
Brief but useful overview of scientific visualization. Includes details on the AVS app that is somewhat outdated. Contains a good review of graphical data representation methods for multivariate data.
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