Group Discussion Etiquette

Anyone can post messages to the discussion section of this google group. Here are some things to think about before using this feature:
  1. Do not hijack a thread to start a new discussion topic, that is, do not reply to an existing message and start discussing a completely new topic.
  2. Do not click the "edit subject" link and then edit the subject line to start a new discussion topic since this changes the displayed subject line of the entire thread, which makes browsing the discussion topics difficult. If you want to start a new discussion topic (i.e., a new thread), click "new post" and carefully give the topic a new subject line.
  3. Speaking of which, give every new topic a carefully crafted subject line. This helps people find what they're looking for while browsing the discussion topics.
  4. Refrain from top-posting, that is, pressing the "Reply" link and simply inserting text at the top of the previous message. Instead, trim as much of the previous content as possible before inserting your response inline. Retain just enough of the previous message to maintain the context of your reply.
  5. Think before hitting the "Reply" link. Should your message go directly to the author (i.e., "Reply to author") instead of the entire discussion group?
If everyone follows these simple suggestions, this discussion feature will be more productive and long-lasting.