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UChicago Program to Train Data Scientists

This summer, 48 fellows from around the world have come to Chicago to tackle these and other missions as part of the 2014 Data Science for Social Good Summer Fellowship, a University of Chicago program dedicated to making a better world through innovative data science projects. For 12 weeks, fellows work with non-profit and government organizations to make the most of their data and create positive impact in education, healthcare, energy conservation, economic development and more. To read more, please visit

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China Still Has the Fastest Supercomputer, but the U.S. Still Rules


Although China has the world's most powerful supercomputer, which is capable of speeds of up to 33.86 petaflops per second, the United States produces more supercomputers than any other country, according to the latest Top500 supercomputer list. IDC analyst Steve Conway estimates about 90 percent of the systems on the Top500 ranking are manufactured by U.S. vendors, including 65 of the 76 Chinese systems on the most recent list. Still, U.S. dominance in supercomputer production is by no means assured, given intensifying global competition. The U.S. account...

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HPCwire Reader's Choice Nominations Now Open

Nomination Deadline – August 22, 2014

We are excited to announce the first phase of our annual HPCwire Reader's Choice Awards as nominations are now open. Were you particularly impressed in 2014 by a company or their products in the HPC community? ...This is your chance to help them get recognized! Candidates with the most nominations per category will move on to elections. Be sure to nominate worthy candidates and share with co-workers. For more information, please visit

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National Data Service Kickoff

Creating an infrastructure supporting data from across all disciplines of science, engineering, and humanities so that researchers can easily find, reuse, and publish data in a world where researchers generate immense amounts of it daily was the focus of the kickoff meeting for the National Data Service (NDS). More than 70 representatives from organizations across the United States and around the world gathered in Boulder, Colorado, in June to begin turning the vision into reality. To read further, please visit

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Louisiana Tech University Online Course -- Steps to STEM: NASA Education Resources for STEM Engagement

Application Deadline – August 30, 2014

Louisiana Tech University is teaming up with NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center to offer a 10-week course for educators interested in putting a space-themed twist on learning. The course is designed to be a self-paced, online professional development experience focusing on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, or STEM, education resources available from NASA. These resources have application methods for use in grades 4-9 classrooms with the goal of advancing high quality STEM education utilizing NASA's unique capabilities. Fo...

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SC14 Student Travel Grants Available

ACM Application Deadline – August 16, 2014
SIGHPC Application Deadline - September  7, 2014

There are two travel grant opportunities available for students (undergraduates through doctoral) for attending SC14. These grants will provide up to $600US for students in North America and up to $1200US for students outside of North America towards attending this year’s conference in New Orleans, Louisiana. Up to 3 grants may be awarded to female students by ACM-W and up to 5 grants will be awarded by SIGHPC. SIGHPC grants require student membership in SI...

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$300 Million Adobe ConnectED Software Donation to Title I Educators

Adobe has committed over $300 million in software and professional development services to the White House's ConnectED initiative. As part of this $2 billion+ effort from the private sector, Adobe will deliver creative tools and teacher professional development to schools across the United States—all with the goal of helping youth express their creativity and build their skills for future success  If you work in a Title 1 School, you may be eligible to apply for this software donation. To learn more about the A...

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This problem challenges you to create a program in C or Fortran that simulates the described phenomenon.

Particles in a 2-D environment move in single directions and bounce off walls and each other. Particles move diagonally (Northeast, Southeast, Northwest, or Southwest), one square per time step, with no change in velocity. 20 particles are initially placed in an environment in random positions, moving in random initial directions (Northeast, Southeast, Northwest, or Southwest). The particles move for 5 time steps, and the environment is 1...

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HPC Matters (2) (video)

Why does #HPCMatter? Watch (and like) this video about a world without supercomputers. To view the video, please visit

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Internet2’s InCommon and XSEDE Develop Service That Provides Internationally Accepted Digital Certificates for Cyberinfrastructure

Digital certificates accredited by the Interoperable Global Trust Federation (IGTF) are now available to subscribers of Internet2’s InCommon Certificate Service. These certificates enable secure connections between services in XSEDE (the Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment) and other cyberinfrastructure providers, including Open Science Grid and the European Grid Infrastruc...

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XSEDE and Blue Waters Go Supernova

If you were to go back far enough into the Earth’s cosmic ancestry, you might be surprised to find it all started with a supernova explosion. These explosive cosmic events are like laboratories in space, generating elements that enable the creation of life later on; in fact, most of what makes up the Earth, including us humans, evolved from these fundamental elements. This is why simulating the process of a star going supernova is so important—it could potentially be the key to unlocking some of the bigger mysteries of how we came to be in the universe. To read further, please visit <...

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