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ACM, CSTA Announce $1M Award to Recognize US High School Students in Computing

Gordon Bell and David Cutler Establish $1 Million Endowment to Fund Award

ACM, the Association for Computing Machinery, and CSTA, the Computer Science Teachers Association, today announced a new award, the ACM/CSTA Cutler-Bell Prize in High School Computing, to recognize talented high school students in computer science. The program seeks to promote and encourage the field of computer science, as well as to empower young and aspiring learners to pursue computing challenges outside of the traditional classroom environment. "This new award touches on several areas ...

Read More Targets High School Computer Science is collaborating with College Board to work to expand computer science in U.S. high schools and increase the number of female and minority students taking computer science courses. Under the new partnership, high schools in 35 of the U.S.'s largest districts will be encouraged to offer's computer science course this fall. Targeted school districts are in cities including New York City, Chicago, and Los Angeles. CEO Hadi Partovi says the nonprofit will provide the curriculum, tools, training, and funding to school districts that qualify, while the College Board w...

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Submissions Now Being Accepted for HPC Impact Showcase at SC15

November15-20, 2015 – Austin, Texas
Submission Deadline - August 1, 2015

The HPC Impact Showcase committee is now accepting submissions.  We invite conference attendees from within the industry to share their stories of how HPC has transformed their endeavors and given them a competitive advantage. The Showcase will emphasize the tangible benefit of HPC in delivering innovations, which enable companies to succeed within their particular market-space. The HPC Impact Showcase highlights real-world applications of high performance comp...

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HPC Research and Education News for the Week of June 22, 2015 Sponsored by XSEDE

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Opinion: How Good Is R For Data Visualization?

By Luis Argerich, Professor of Computer Science at the University of Buenos Aires (UBA)

I've been doing some research on R, Ggplot2 and visualization in general for a lecture so I want to share my thoughts about this question.  I will start with my conclusions then I'll try to rationalize them. Conclusion #1: R is great for creating plots for exploratory data anlysis but not very good for final product data visualization. Conclusion #2: Ggplot is a great as a set of tools you can use and not so great...

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XSEDE15 Registration Extended One Day

Registration Deadline – June 25, 2015
XSEDE15 Hotel Block Deadline – June 26, 2015

Register for the XSEDE15 conference by June 25 to avoid late registration fees. Get registered now at After 11:59 p.m. on June 25, late registration begins with increased price points for all aspects of the conference. XSEDE15 will take place in St. Louis July 26–30, 2015 at the Renaissance St. Louis Grand Hotel and will showcase the discoveries, innovations, challenges, and achievements of those wh...

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Facebook Is Planning For A Data Centre in Ireland


Facebook plans to open a new data centre in Ireland, the social network said, becoming the latest technology giant to set up an energy efficient centre in Ireland’s recovering economy. Ireland is fast becoming a cloud hub helped by its temperate climate and the presence of many of the biggest internet companies, which have been attracted by the country’s low corporate tax rate. Facebook said it had applied for planning permission to build the centre, which, after Sweden, is its second in Europe for housing computers that run cloud-computing services, where us...

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Solution for the week of June 15, 2015:

The "Fractal Canvas solution zip file" at the bottom of the challenge contains a solution.

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SC15 Selects 9 Teams for Student Cluster Competition

It’s that time of year again; teams from across the world are preparing to compete in the St udent Cluster Competition (SCC) at SC15.  This year the SCC is proud to host 9 teams that will battle it out to showcase their hardware and computing might to battle zombie invasions, hurricanes, exotic particles, gene reconstruction and MORE!

The selected teams are from the following organizations/countries:

  • Arizona Tri-University Team — US
  • Illinois Institute of Technology — US
  • National Tsing Hua University — Taiwan
  • ...
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Seymour Cray, Sidney Fern Bach and Ken Kennedy Awards Nominations Due by July 1, Nom

ination Deadlines - July 1, 2015

Each year, SC showcases not only the best and brightest stars of high performance computing, but also its rising stars and those who have made a lasting impression. Some of the most prestigious awards given at SC are the Seymour Cray, Sidney Fernbach, and Ken Kennedy Awards that honor the memory of three greats in high performance computing. Each award winner will give a presentation on their work.

•            IEEE Computer Society Seymour Cray Compute...

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Campus Teams to Accelerate Research With Blue Waters

Next Proposal Deadline – September 15, 015

Seventeen U of I research teams from a wide range of disciplines have been awarded computational and data resources on the sustained-petascale Blue Waters supercomputer at NCSA. Blue Waters is one of the world’s most powerful supercomputers, capable of performing quadrillions of calculations every second and working with quadrillions of bytes of data. Its massive scale and balanced architecture enable scientists and engineers to tackle research challenges that could not be addressed with other computing systems.

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