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DescriptionPuente Hills Fault posses a disaster threat for Los Angeles region. Earthquake simulations on this fault estimate damages over $250 billion. Visualizations created by SDSC using the data computed from earthquake simulations helps one to fathom the propagation of siesmic waves and the areas affected.
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SubjectGeology and Geophysics, Geography
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HPCU Subject 2Geology and Geophysics, Geography, Scientific Visualization, General Concepts, Methodologies, Simulation and Modeling, Data Fitting, Tabular and Visual Outputs, Visualization and Scientific Visualization, Rendering, Surface Rendering, Visualization Techniques, Subject Areas, Physical Science and Engineering, Earth Sciences or Geosciences
TypeMovie/Animation, Reference Material
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Comment by Jeff Sale
Modified October 28th, 2009 / Added from HPCU
User Rating: 5 / 5
The Puente Hills Fault Visualization is one of a larger series of outstanding visualizations from SDSCs Visualization Services. It is an award-winning visualization whose accompanying site offers a wide range of useful resources related to scientific visualization.
Usability of the resource:  Very usable
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