CreatorAdam Brazier, Steve Lantz, Dan Stanzione
ContributorCornell University
PublisherCornell University
DescriptionPython is a programming language designed with ease of programming and readable code as its foremost goals. Python has risen to prominence in scientific computing as the ideal tool for doing data conversions, scripting parameter studies, and in facilitating the scientific workflow. In this online course, a quick overview of the language is presented, along with a few tricks to maximize the utility of Python for engineering and science modeling.
SubjectEducation, Computer Science, Information Technology
KeywordCornell Virtual Workshop
AudienceEducator, Learner/Student, Student
Education LevelHigher Education, Undergraduate (Lower Division), Undergraduate (Upper Division)
HPCU SubjectNone listed
HPCU Subject 2Software, Programming, Computer Systems Organization, Software Development Stages, Lifecycle, Programming Languages, Interpreted Languages
TypeTutorial, Instructional Material, Lecture/Presentation, Course, Curriculum
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