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C++ Programming Basics

    Submitter: William McGrath
    Submitter's Institution: TACC
    Submission Date: 2015-12-22
    Description: TACC

    Prerequisites: Linux

    C++ is a powerful language used in in a number of extensible numerical software libraries.  Its multi-paradigm feature set allows for a number of applications without sacrificing the performance that low-level code can provide.  While C++ is often characterized as an \\\\\\\"experts-only\\\\\\\" language, the basic features are both accessible to novices and provide useful abstractions for any code. Our class will be broken into a morning session on basic language syntax, e.g., control flow, IO, and objects.  The afternoon session will focus on intermediate features, e.g., memory management, templates, and the STL.  Our examples will largely be drawn from scientific computing codes and each session will include a lab with help getting started. Prerequisite: Basic unix skills will be assumed and some programming knowledge would be beneficial.

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