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PerfExpert: Simple Program Optimization

    Submitter: William McGrath
    Submitter's Institution: TACC
    Submission Date: 2014-11-03
    Description: TACC

    Prerequisites: Linux, C/Fortran, Code analysis

    This one-day workshop will introduce and apply PerfExpert, a performance optimization tool that is truly simple to use.  PerfExpert requires no expertise in performance assessment, and the measurement and analysis process works directly on the production program without annotations or modifications.  The goal is that at the end of the workshop, each participant will leave with a version of her/his favorite application that is optimized for execution on Stampede and the ability to apply PerfExpert independently to other programs.  The morning session will give examples of applying PerfExpert to several different types of applications.  The afternoon session will be a laboratory where the PerfExpert development team will work with each workshop participant to optimize an application code of her/his choice.

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